Help teachers get free school supplies by volunteering at the Swap! We offer a variety of volunteer positions for all skill levels and time commitments. Email Volunteers@teachersupplyswap.org to learn more.

Shelf Stocker

Move items from the organizing area to the store shelves; track quantities of items; wrap bundles of supplies; perform various organizing tasks; straighten up the organizing area.

Check-Out Associate

Register new members; follow the check out process for guests; share information and answer questions as needed.

Donation Driver

Drive to businesses, schools, and homes within the region; load donations into a vehicle; unload donations at the Swap location.

Donation Organizer

Sort donations by category; determine the usability of donations by what BTSS accepts; classify donations appropriately.

Want to Help?

Find out how to donate supplies or volunteer your time to support teachers and families.
Due to an influx of donations, we are currently not accepting donations of binders, hanging files, desktop trays, or handmade materials. See our Donations Page for guidelines and to learn more. Thank you!Learn More